Editorial Stint

  A few months ago, I guest-edited an edition of Five Quarterly, an up-and-coming lit mag with a different approach to the editorial process. Its two founders invite five very different writers to edit each issue, ultimately gathering an eclectic group of poems and short stories. I also like that they ask their guest editors to […]


Submit to Five Quarterly, and to Me!

Since 2012, Five Quarterly has been publishing exciting works of fiction and poetry by emerging writers in issues culled by guest editors. I am happy to share that I will be one such guest editor for their upcoming October issue. They are currently taking submissions, so submit away. It will be an honor to read your […]


Final Poem by May’s Poet of the Month

It Amazes Me How I Heart the Hazy Art I tried to maintain straightfacedness “Photography.. Is  taking  paintings’  places At our public art palaces.” Said a sad man in line, up ahead, “Imaginably.. Detail  has its beauty..but the thing Is..A twin image is less interesting.” This made me mention McLuhan, Not the man, but the […]