Semi “mid-life” Crisis

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I wanted to thank all those who pre-ordered my book mid-life, published by Finishing Line Press.

For those who are wondering where their book is, I wanted to offer assurance that, no, I am not running a poetry racket. Finishing Line Press is simply (way) behind on its publication schedule. They expect mid-life to ship out sometime in September.

In the meantime, I am planning a book launch party in Miami for the Fall.  More info to follow.


The Sun Coast


“The Sun Coast,” a poem from my forthcoming book of poems entitled mid-life, now available for purchase via Finishing Line Press. The pre-sale period ends in just three days, so grab your copy soon, such as right this minute!


You are
A long time

All time is
Your time

My time is
Yours since

But your
Time is
Not mine

It is yours
I get to
Watch it

Feel how
You are not
In me

But you were
There you

Into a paw
Of blood
And time

It felt good
To share
To receive

Now I live
To give
You time


“Baby,” from my chapbook Reverse Commute, published this week on the front-page of the awesome VerseWrights poetry site.

Editorial Stint



A few months ago, I guest-edited an edition of Five Quarterly, an up-and-coming lit mag with a different approach to the editorial process. Its two founders invite five very different writers to edit each issue, ultimately gathering an eclectic group of poems and short stories. I also like that they ask their guest editors to send feedback, which is shared with each writer. So, they are not only original, but generous too.

Here is the Fall 2015 issue I helped edit.  Please read; please share.

Reverse Commute

I finally got my copy of “Ides” in the mail. Published by L.A.-based Silver Birch Press, it’s a collection of fifteen poetry chapbooks, including my own, “Reverse Commute.”

The anthology is available for purchase at Amazon and contains some stunning pieces.

In the weeks to come, I will be sharing my work, along with poems by other poets whose work appears in the collection, here on my blog.
A big thanks to Silver Birch Press for their efforts to promote emerging writers.