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He Proposed

  Last night On a balcony with an almost full moon Few people present some of them watched After champagne somewhat more wine An open view of the late summer night   Standing straight Feet steady sturdy positioned and placed On a balcony with a view a street full of trees Some people present few […]



  The idea was good, or nobody would have paid.   3.2 million in dollars today to claim the works of God below:   Black whale boulders beached by Guanabara bay,   Dripping buildings with coastal window holes,   Polka dot slums that cut the jungle into picture frames,   The blue white yellow gold […]



  You are A long time Coming   Now All time is Your time   My time is Yours since Before   But your Time is Not mine   It is yours I get to Watch it   Feel how You are not In me   But you were There you Grew   Into a […]