Point Lobos Poetry

I hiked Point Lobos National Park, just south of Monterey, California, last Saturday. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful national parks in all of the naturally well-endowed state, and rightly so. Please see, and hear, the video poems I took. Both “Sea Lion Poem” and “Point Lobos Ocean Rock Poem” can […]


It Existed

This post was written from Roldanillo, Colombia, a tiny town toward the west of the country.  I was there all week attending the Colombian Women Poets Festival for the first time ever. So I had time for a quick post featuring U.S. Poet Laureate Mark Strand, taken a few months ago in a páramo, a cloud forest located […]


Opposites Attract: How Romanticism and Utilitarianism Opened the Door for Darwin’s Natural Selection

Charles Darwin changed the way the world thinks. Even those that disagree with his ideas must in the end answer to them and struggle to defend beliefs that uphold wand-like creation. Darwin’s creation, instead, is slow, gradual, painstaking, but revolutionary. The very nature of his theory of evolution made it contentious to present. Fortunately, by […]