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A Chat About the Future of Poetry

The founding editors of three of today’s most well-respected online poetry journals had a talk about the future of poetry with “The Review Review.” Here’s the link. Rob MacDonald of Sixth Finch Journal,  Matt Hart who edits Forklift Ohio Journal and Gale Marie Thompson who runs Jellyfish Magazine spoke about how the masses perceive poetry and how this is affected by the […]


Suicide Off Egg Rock

  I dislike mentioning suicide when speaking about Sylvia Plath. But, today, it’s truly inevitable because the poem I chose for this week is in fact about suicide. Not hers, however. The suffering soul here is a nameless man who is disgusted by life, its sounds and waste, “that landscape / Of imperfections his bowels were […]


Trip Poem #8 – Ubud

Planetary   I seek a portable religion With seasonal shrines housed in leaf   Faces of chalk upon each odd-shaped rock To mark the spot where tomorrow I might drop My planetary skin   Gods with flaws Brawn And a taste for sweats Sweating under the yellow Umbrellas I bring   Anything: A spring green […]