modern poetry

The Light On

  Because anger lets you will its volume Encourages itself upon you It is easiest to rage Make the morning a landscape of stone   It takes informed surrender to kill the light He left on through the night And sit in the unhurried darkness Of the sun on its way up   Although, in […]


The Insult of a Period

While in Los Angeles last year I found a great book at the LACMA bookstore written by Italian poet Adriano Spatola titled “majakovskiiiiiiij.” It is definitely an art/poetry book. A small edition to be cherished and stored. No doubt, it is coming with me as I move from Bogota, Colombia to Miami next week.


The Bedroom is Trees

Last week I wrote about a three-way interview published by “The Review Review” about the future of poetry. The three-way was composed of Rob MacDonald of Sixth Finch Journal,  Matt Hart of Forklift Ohio Journal and Gale Marie Thompson of Jellyfish Magazine.  I recommend at least perusing the article to get a sense of what people in the poetry world (and these are very relevant people […]