Dodging Bullets vs. Shooting Them

By bullets I mean unwanted, unyielding change. By dodging I mean dodging. By shooting I mean effecting. This, then, is the title with which I catalogue the past year and a half, not only my own life, but of many of those close to me.

There may be cosmic reasons for the dodging, the shooting. If you add up the digits in 2016 you end up with 9, which according to numerology is the number of finality. But if you add up 2017 you get a 1, from whence the infinite is launched. Going from end to start, and not the other way around, is sloppy. Sloppy, sloppy.

The Chinese calendar had 2016 as a monkey and 2017 as a rooster. Both are highly annoying animals, at the very least acoustically.

Then there is my blood type. O-, the universal donor bitch. But that is a bad example of what I am trying to get at. My point is that there is something amiss in the air these past few years. Something smells, and it is recent and I am not the only one holding her nose.

What is going on?

America had a perfectly decent terrible candidate to elect, and instead elected an armed child. Beer sales are dropping in poor countries. All clothes look the same. Sorrow is the city, is the suburb, is the soon-to-open train.

I wish I knew what the lesson was. So I could learn it enough to play the shooting game.





Submit, Submit

boxesI took a two week, undesired, break from my blog to set up my house, my home. This is not a complaint. Just fact. I could not write with boxes to unpack and paintings to hang. So I stopped trying to write and unpacked, and hung, and then unpacked a bit more.

Now, I can say that I am done, finally settled in a new country with my husband and son. My mind is settled, too. What is left to arrange can be done at ease, when I break from writing, and not the other way around.

As part of this landing, I am relaunching The Drugstore Notebook’s “Poem of the Month” contest. I loved reading the poems that were sent for October’s feature and want to read more.

So, please send three of your best poems to from now until the end of December 2014. If your New Year’s resolution is to get published, then this contest might be the perfect chance.


The Drugstore Notebook went rogue

The Good Thief by Marie Howe The National Poetry Series Margaret Atwood

This week I will be posting daily on Zeteo Journal – The Journal of Interdisciplinary Writing. Very excited about this gig.

I have fellow blogger William Eaton to thank. He posts regularly at

Here is an excerpt from my first post:

“I bought The Good Thief by Marie Howe because it was the only poetry book I found for sale at the Miami International Airport’s outpost of Books & Books, South Florida’s beloved independent bookseller. In part, I also bought it because of the very pretty reproduction of Rothko’s “Light, Earth and Blue” on its cover, and I have a weakness for pretty books.

Although it will not be ranked among my favorite poetry collections…”

To read the rest of this cliffhanger, please click here