Moving for Love

I don’t usually post twice in a day, but the lines in Ada Limón’s poem above are so beautiful and it is raining so hard that I couldn’t bear to witness alone.


The Cows

Years of going to the farm

Years of taking the walk with your mother, guests and guards

From the warm house to the horses you mostly go down

For an hour with your mother, guests, and guards


Fenced by black wood and electric wire

The narrow path has hills on both sides

An indigo lake at the end of each end

Fresh water springs and bridges that cross


Today I made the descent in thirty-five

No talk, no guards

Fast past the pregnant cows that moan

Took a stick to repel the dirty dogs


But on the climb back to the house

A herd of cows was using my path

With my stick I bent electric wire

And sat in a pasture to wait for the cows


During my wait the grass moved in waves

And I watched white clouds drift by

But I knew it would sound dumb

If I wrote it down just like that


So I sat in a field to think of ways

To thank the walk and the cows for the wait

But when I got up to a path blackened by shit

I lost all hope for the scope of this poem



This very casual poem was recently published by Empty Mirror Books. Happy weekend to all!

The Light On


Because anger lets you will its volume

Encourages itself upon you

It is easiest to rage

Make the morning a landscape of stone


It takes informed surrender to kill the light

He left on through the night

And sit in the unhurried darkness

Of the sun on its way up


Although, in retrospect, all decisions

Are informed

Woodshop: Where I Live and Work

CutBank Literary Magazine

I have to admit I am thrilled that CutBank Literary Magazine published my piece in their “Woodshop” series. The series is dedicated to showing where various writers live and work. So, this means they consider me a “writer.” Thrilling.

CutBank has been around for 40 years as Montana’s foremost literary magazine. The poetry and other content on their site is absolutely worth a visit, and a linger.

Ghost House Review published two of my poems

Poetry LIt literature Ana Maria CaballeroI am very excited that two of my poems have been included in the up-and-coming independent publication, Ghost House Review. Please pay them a visit and see all the great things they are doing for yourself! Their main blog is up on WordPress and can be viewed here.

Above is my poem “Morning Feed,” included in Ghost House Review’s January issue. They also graciously included another poem titled “Soft Landings and Quick Bites,” which can be viewed in the same issue.

Love Doubts


The city and its health

restaurants reach

beyond my balcony

on a

Wednesday night.


Dinner was quick

but the dining

was slow. My two

gay friends

compared notes.


I tried to focus the talk

on my ring. Purposely not

a diamond, half-size

edge of a

ring. My display case

for solidarity.


The entrance to our

apartment will display

the photo hung above

my bedroom couch. And

below, a row

of plants in red,

clay pots.


Loneliness is

hesitating on the Christmas

email way past the

New Year. An entire

book of poems in

one                             repeated moment.


Written 2008