Medieval Times

As we strolled under the S train underpass at the intersection of Franklin and Lefferts on the way home from my son’s construction camp he asked: why do people need to be dirty. I was about to correct him. People don’t need to be dirty; some people just are dirty.

But, he was right. We all really do need to be dirty. We have no choice. Unless we dedicate our lives to living trash-free, our life is necessarily dirty. Innocent things are dirty: straws, lollipops, floss.  Sexy things are dirty: matches, razors, cell phone chargers. Books are dirty. Moving is dirty. Staying warm is dirty, as is staying cold.

The reason why is we are living in medieval times. Our technology is small. We have computers that can do some,  but not much. They cannot take us out into space where we can find new planets to sustain our way of life. Not yet.

They cannot replace coal/gas/oil with self-generating sun/moon/water energy, whatever that means. Although I am sure it exists. The energy of the universe does not require things burning into black smoke. But we haven’t figured out it out. Not yet.

Dark matter, dark energy — our century’s astrological terms. Google them. The universe is expanding, despite the “laws” of physics. We know nothing.

So I choose to believe in rebirth. Because at some point I will be born into intergalactic flight. At some point, we will not need to be dirty. I told my son all this, actually. And, of course, a few blocks later, as we crossed Lefferts onto Classon, he understood.


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