The Best Gallery in Paris

After three days of intense art immersion, I took the early afternoon off to browse the book stalls along the Seine.

Here, I found what I consider to be the most beautiful works of art in the entire ville.

A child-drawn cover on Raymond Quenueau’s “Zazie dans le métro,” one of my favorite books of all time. An incendiary color scheme on naughty Robbe-Grillet’s “La maison de rendez-vous.” Minimal design on numerous Becket covers.

But the beauty of these works lies not in their covers, which are mearly invitations to discover the magic inside.

The best works of art in Paris are the rows of words set down by gigantic French writers, found in the dishevelled stands along the Seine’s quais.

Below is a shot of Marguerite Duras’s “Le ravissement of Lol V. Stein,” which by its second page already sets the ground for decades worth of post-feminist, post-modern, deconstructive thought, art, fashion and life.

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