For My Birthday, Synchronicity

Today, 35 years ago, I was born. To celebrate my birthday, I wanted to discover someplace random, easy-to-get-to, young, intriguing and fun. Someplace like Austin, Texas. 

For weeks and without much formal thought, I let the idea float in my mind. Then the universe began to emit signs. First, my credit card sent an email with hotel promotions in Austin. As an avid unsubscriber, I am not quite sure how the flyer got in my inbox. Then, my parents announced they would be in my hometown for my birthday, allowing my husband and I to leave our two babies. 

Without even googling the weather, I got our tickets to Austin. Who even knew Austin is the capital of Don’t Mess with Texas? 

Last night, standing in front of our hotel room, I froze. We’d been put in room 629, my birthdate. Shortly after, our dinner search resulted in one clear winner: Elizabeth Street, which served peanut sauce, my favorite food. Elizabeth Street also happens to be the name of the NYC street I lived on after college, the place where my husband and I officially began our story during a weekend snowstorm. 

As I poured peanut sauce over organic tofu, my husband asked me what all these signs meant. Basically, I said, it’s like in the “Bourne Ultimatum” when Jason lands in New York without anyone knowing except for CIA agent Pam Landy, and she sends him a message over the airport loudspeaker letting him know she is with him, she is on his side. 

After some of the most challenging months of my life, I read these signs as a message from my cosmic Pam Landy letting me know that I am on the right path. 

It is, no doubt, a birthday gift — this certainty that the universe is conspiring with me. This Texan message saying: “Howdy, child, do not be afraid to maintain your stride.”



    Happy Birthday, Ana!!! I had no idea! This post is tearing up my eyes! I loooove looking for signs, signs…everywhere! I think you got some for your birthday, what a gift! I was about to call you to talk about the apartments I sent you. Glad I checked my email first 🙂 Enjoy your birthday weekend. We’ll be in KB this weekend until Tuesday morning. If you come back before then let me know. Birthday blessings to you!xoxo

    Jacqueline C. RascoBayside International Realty305.505.3344

    Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2016 14:22:52 +0000 To:

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