I’m back at “Sophie’s World,” with its textbook teaching of philosophy thinly disguised as an interesting read. Sound boring? Well, it pretty much is. 

Too bad I have a serious psychological condition whereby I cannot leave a book unfinished. It is called anal-retentive-itis. 

So deeply bored was I during the hundred page expose of rationalism vs empiricism, that the above passage made me chuckle aloud. 

It’s funny though, am I right?


  1. katmphotography

    yeah. the ‘critically-acclaimed’ textbook walkthrough guide to philosophy that is Sophie’s World. i didn’t enjoy it either, but i do think it’s a good ‘introduction’ to philosophy – a kind of ‘map’ for stations of thought. i finished the book, but i also threw it across the room a few times in despair. lol

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