Good Night


I sit down slightly drunk


Not enough to be great

But perhaps enough to be good


Let’s see


The sky is clear

My husband sleeps


I am a wife a woman grown

I shall never taste the soup I cook


Tonight I traced

The city clean

I approach my bedspace




Written 2013


  1. brian miller

    a very interesting poem ana…first in the not great but good enough…and sometimes that is enough…the never tasting your own soup also leads to interesting questions…and love the approaching the bedspace loud…def a poem that makes you think…

    you may not have noticed but we have a prompt on tuesdays at dverse….if you wrote this to one of the pictures…either put the pic up…or…give us a note letting us know which pic it was.

  2. Mary

    I don’t think this is written in response to the OWL prompt at Poetry Jam. So I will remove your link. If you write an OWL poem, feel free to link again.

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