The Day’s Fourth


Cigarette is useless


The type of day lived


Conception that concept

A mortal

Baritone yank


Pulley gets


The ordinary cord


Written 2007


  1. Holistic Wayfarer

    Yes. I laid it all out, Ana. Just follow the instructions. =) Be as succinct as you can be, esp on the ques that really supply just the basic info. When you do elaborate, ask yourself what about your story would keep my readers interested. You’re new, but letting you know it’s an amazing community. Just browse some of the comments on my posts from Jan and Feb. They’re very thoughtful and intelligent. I hope it’s a meaningful exercise for you. Enjoy….

    I really would be glad to promote your beautiful blog. To clarify, this would mean a partnership so that you put up the final product I post as your own post or a reblog. Those who’ve collaborated with me have reblogged the joint effort and it’s been a win-win. Let me know if it sounds good. I would look fwd to knowing your story.

    And thx for the follow.

  2. The Drugstore Notebook

    Dear Susan,

    Yes I did mean to post it as part of Poets United. Will definitely link to you next time!

    I actually sent you an email in the past with a submission for “Blog of the Week.” Did you receive it by any chance?

    I love the work you do with Poets United!


  3. Holistic Wayfarer

    I’m taking another look at your blog. Beautiful. I really like the baritone yank. Let me know if you’d be interested in participating in the Race Around the World. Info’s in my latest post. I’d be happy to promote your blog.

  4. jae rose

    It can all feel mechanical..a pull..maybe cigarettes make for a moment of thinking out of which come wonderful words..and the more you write..the less you smoke!

  5. Sherry Blue Sky

    I see that in the smokers around me – the most stressed smoking nearly non-stop. I suppose the success in this case is when the person manages to stop smoking? A couple of my people did and it was a very great success, difficult to achieve.

  6. Susan

    Solid–especially for those of us who have been addicted to cigarettes. Kept me going, I thought, kept my voice sexy, kept me in line with all the rest. Did you mean to post this at Poets United Midweek Motif on Success? If so, please link to us.

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