Love Doubts


The city and its health

restaurants reach

beyond my balcony

on a

Wednesday night.


Dinner was quick

but the dining

was slow. My two

gay friends

compared notes.


I tried to focus the talk

on my ring. Purposely not

a diamond, half-size

edge of a

ring. My display case

for solidarity.


The entrance to our

apartment will display

the photo hung above

my bedroom couch. And

below, a row

of plants in red,

clay pots.


Loneliness is

hesitating on the Christmas

email way past the

New Year. An entire

book of poems in

one                             repeated moment.


Written 2008


  1. Nara Malone

    The concrete details catch me ad reel me in…health restaurants, the ring that’s not a diamond, clay pots… It’s not a bad place to hesitate, take some time to think things through…write more poems

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