Spanish Prayer

Maria Mercedez Carranza Poetry Writing Reading Literature Colombia

A simple and stunning poem by the Colombian poetess Maria Mercedez Carranza. My clumsy translation is below:


No more dawns or fashions,

no more light, no more tasks, no more instants.

Just dirt, dirt in the eyes,

between the mouth and the ears;

dirt upon the crushed chests;

dirt inside the dry womb;

dirt tight on the back;

down the length of half-open legs, dirt;

dirt between hands that were left there.

Dirt and oblivion.

Read Bogotá 2013


  1. Jonathan Weinstein

    I do agree with the use of dirt; Earth in English is too wholesome where as here she refers to the putrid nature and deafening fatality of being inanimate – death becomes you !

  2. Oloriel

    I found it to be good, only thing is that in my personal interprentation and poem life, I do not see the “dirt” as something bad, but good, nurturing, like Earth, but that is just a personal vision 🙂

  3. Oloriel

    It is always an extra expirience to see something both translated and in the original form – it is like a double goodness.
    Thank you very much for sharing this!

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