You are

A long time




All time is

Your time


My time is

Yours since



But your

Time is

Not mine


It is yours

I get to

Watch it


Feel how

You are not

In me


But you were

There you



Into a paw

Of blood

And time


It felt good

To share

To receive


Now I live

To give

You time


Written 2013


  1. whocouldknowthen

    ty so much for this share Ana, i was thinking about this today, and i’m not sure i’ve heard anyone say that before, that they miss their belly, and i’m struggling a little trying to convey how warm a memory that is for me too.

    when my daughter’s mommy head her belly, sure it took a little time to adjust, but in time i came to love her belly and everything it meant. and there was a part of me that missed it when she came home after giving birth. it’s not something i’ve ever talked about before, and i wouldn’t have thought about it, if not for your sharing, ty.

  2. whocouldknowthen

    your poem is so beautifully simple and profound, and each word tugged a little harder on my paternal heart strings, it reminded me of the times i would talk to my daughter when she was in her mommy’s belly, and now she’s 13.

    and it’s still her time…ty for so much this poem.

  3. johnallenrichter

    Total giving, selflessness…… That is what true life and love requires. Your words elevate that notion so lovely….. I get the feeling you are speaking of a mother’s love for her child, but also think this could apply to a woman’s love for her life parter. And in light of the truth I have found, which is that women are almost entirely giving creatures, I just want to add that you guys not only just give us men your time, and then allow us to keep our own time, but you let us keep the TV remote as well. Man, I love you guys.

  4. Timoteo

    You give them all your time until it is THEIR time, and then they have little time for you…what a bittersweet experience parenting must be. (Never did it myself.)

  5. claudia

    oh i like…so much to say about motherhood..mine are 19, 21 and 22 now… a long way.. a lot of giving and receiving… the best adventure i can think of…smiles

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