A Girlfriend for Prufrock

The Boston Poetry Magazine published my poem “A Girlfriend for Prufrock.” It is based on “The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock,” the poem that showed me how language is holy.


But, Prufrock’s loneliness bothered me, so I got him a date…

Boston Poetry Magazine

by Ana Maria Caballero

A not small, not ugly, not quiet, unclumsy gal,
Prone to corners, hiccups, sauces and wine.
Occasionally invited,
But, as a guest, addressed only once and not by all.

A woman-child without absolute truths,
Inclined to sit straight, stand slumped and steal stares.
Intuitively clever
But, in delivery, too eager with wit, too late with flare.

The not-lady, not-graceful, not-charming you,
With a lonely métier she says is best left for two:
To self-involve the self-eschewed
In the hollow of a silver spoon.

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