My Nudity in All its Forms


Two years ago, I mistook the apple for a peach:

  1. Two cases of imported beers carried 6 flights
  2. Glasses instead of contacts because I can’t be bothered
  3. I make you climb 6 flights of stairs to drink imported beer
  4. I make you have me
  5. You have me
  6. You buy breakfast
  7. You say you had fun
  8. I bite down hard
  9. Say nothing

Written 2004


  1. johnallenrichter

    Bright side: free breakfast. probably at least a case of beer left. While disappointing, the apple is still clearly at least second best.

    Down side: It could have been a banana… and… it could have been a banana.

    Bright side: If it was a banana, you could have left your glasses on. And you would only have needed to carry up a six pack.

    Down side: no free breakfast.

    Bright side: you would be potassium satisfied.

    Note to self: Carry two cases of bananas upstairs.

  2. ihatepoetry

    This is at the same time, wild and controlled. Excellent execution. Thanks for your honesty “I make you have me” as if men have any choice in the matter – weak creatures we be.

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