New Computer

Because this is the first
poem I write on my new
I want it to be clean.

It will go into a file where
a new book of poems
will gather over

Poems that
to another book
will have another file.

There will also be
a file for poems
that are nothing

This will be
one of them
and it is

Written 2004


25 thoughts on “New Computer

      • dear poet, this novice can hardly offer any advice on poetry, but i read your reply this afternoon and have been thinking about your words all day, they resonated, deeply;

        ‘if only we could stop criticizing ourselves’

        i was trained as a painter / illustrator, there was promise there and i dreamed of living a life filled with creativity, paintings, drawings but i could not leave myself alone enough to enjoy it. so yes, i do from time to time imagine what could have been painted, what beauty my brushes and ink might have given the world…and i look back now and most, if not all of my fears and self criticism were unfounded.

        so, with my this poetry i write now, there is no fear, there is the joy of creativity, again, thankfully

      • I feel the same way actually. With my blog, I just sort of go for it and publish poems that I thought were pretty much “unpublishable.” New Computer very much included. It literally was in a file called “No Good”!

  1. I should have started organizing early on. Instead, I have a pile of everything that teeters and wants to rearrange itself. I keep meaning to start but I get distracted by writing. Much enjoyed.

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