The Drugstore Notebook went rogue

The Good Thief by Marie Howe The National Poetry Series Margaret Atwood

This week I will be posting daily on Zeteo Journal – The Journal of Interdisciplinary Writing. Very excited about this gig.

I have fellow blogger William Eaton to thank. He posts regularly at

Here is an excerpt from my first post:

“I bought The Good Thief by Marie Howe because it was the only poetry book I found for sale at the Miami International Airport’s outpost of Books & Books, South Florida’s beloved independent bookseller. In part, I also bought it because of the very pretty reproduction of Rothko’s “Light, Earth and Blue” on its cover, and I have a weakness for pretty books.

Although it will not be ranked among my favorite poetry collections…”

To read the rest of this cliffhanger, please click here


  1. William Eaton

    The excitement is all ours, let’s say. It is a pleasure to be introduced to, or have our attention called to, such rich poetry, and this is exactly what “Zeteo is Reading” was created for. It is also interesting to learn more about your voice as it comes through both in your poems and in the poems you excerpt. Best, Wm.

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