Maya – who? Mayakovsky! Part I

Vladimir Mayakovsky Cloud in Trousers Poetry Russian Literature


There is fun to be had in Russian literature via Vladimir Mayakovsky.

Here is one of four excerpts from his titanic poem The Cloud in Trousers.

Read New York, 2004


  1. William Eaton

    In my capacity as editor of Zeteo, I want to get in touch with you. What is the simplest way? zeteojournal AT gee mail? Meanwhile, one of my favorites, from Vadim Shershenevich:

    Women, make haste to love us,
    For we sing of wonders still,
    And we are the last thin cracks
    That progress has yet to fill!


    Whenever I read anything about Mayakovsky I always think, “I wish I could have known him in real life!” He sounds like one of those friends who will drive you crazy but also ensures there is never a dull moment. Viva Mayakovsky!

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